Gregory Beson | Studio Beson

Body Dimmer

Body Dimmer Lamp invites the user to choose how they would curate their own time. In use it serves as an active reminder for the body. In viewing the form suggests its own motion (through the circle) therefore guiding the arm of the user's motion; this is imaginative performance. Both the active and passive interaction serve as continual subtle reminders for the user prompting consideration and an empathetic understanding of themselves in relation to the world beyond their own walls. This mindful space is the function of the piece. The light cast serves only to highlight the aforementioned aspects of interaction with body, mind and world.

Smoke Acrylic, Bleached Walnut, Brass : Fall 2016

The lamp itself was derived through abstraction, which began with a simple bic lighter. Below are early models focused on finding larger hand actions to create fire.