Gregory Beson | Studio Beson

Copy of FLOCK

FLOCK: didactic furniture

 Parsons MFA Industrial Design Sustainable Vision Thesis Award

Presented at Design, Justice & Zero Waste: Exploring Pathways to the Circular Economy at the New School 2018

Thesis to be presented at U of Minnesota College of Design Symposium September 2018

Through a trio of didactic seats which primarily employ the matter of sheep, “Flock” explores human relation to the materiality which composes people-made artifacts. This sheep matter is readily available and easily procured as a result of the industrial production supply chain system. The three seats were assembled to bring acute awareness to how humans interface with the natural world and its resources through a recognizable and functional typology.



Skal (translated as shell, peel, skin, peeling, peelings, pairings in Swedish) is a stool which utilizes the supply chain of Ikea products to create a new piece of assemblage furniture. They were crafted  to draw attention to the relation between two industrially produced materials, their differences and parallels: plywood from an Alvar Aalto inspired Ikea “frosta” stool and the “rens” sheep pelt.



Unum, is based on the oldest known chair design, which cannot be accurately credited to any one region or culture. Two book matched slabs of black wWalnut wood are joined together with a single woodworking lap joint to create the piece.



Terrosso, (osso translated from the italian for bone) is a cast and hand sculpted chair composed of bone meal and broken bone fragments–both waste from the industrial slaughterhouse industry–and urethane binder.