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Finalist for Roche Bobois Paris collaboration with Parsons ID MFA. In collaboration with Pei Zhang / Fall 2017

White Ash, Brass, Felt, Neoprene, Synthetic and Natural Upholstery textiles (Maharam)



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Each of us possess a unique character. Each of us an individual distinct from one another. Yet it is when we share, when we commune and conversate that we create community. Inspiring and investing in one another. The importance of sharing a meal, sitting and being present together cannot be understated. We believe dining is a means to connect, to learn about ourselves and one another. The chair is the link. Surrounding and centering everyone, creating/providing a shared sense of space.

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Maree is a chair of choice, for connection, of expression and individuality. Employing an ash wooden frame, stained to the prefered color with moving cushions with unlimited upholstery options this chair has been designed to fit in at any table. Our goal was to provide a comfortable, beautiful and inspiring piece of furniture for varied clients and homes.

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Within our design process we also took into consideration material and process. By standardizing the frame production costs, energy use and waste is low. For the cushion, the employment of a renewable, sustainable and organic material like felt allows for a circular system of use, disposal and recycling.