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Salt Chair

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Made of 76 Himalayan pink salt blocks from a cave in Northern Pakistan. Sculpted in New York and presented as part of the group show “In Good Company” ( curated by @rossana and @iamfm.

The world in which we live is made up materials; naturally formed by the earth or derived by humans from these naturally occurring materials. Our world has been dramatically altered by human intervention.

While we can read these materials with our senses; semantic cues, aesthetic preferences, color, light, perceived density, smell and taste are we all able to identify what our world is truly made of? Are we able to calculate the cost to the earth and environment? 

This chair attempts to reflect our complex relationship with the natural world and its resources. A mono material, an architectural module (bricks), a natural mineral, religious reference, preservation and theories of healing.

In the current world in which we live. Salt from Pakistan can be delivered via Amazon Prime, for the assembly of a chair. 

We take this for granted and we should not.